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Jaan J. ties are known for their silk-like feel, quality workmanship and distinguished designs. We pay close attention to the details of our neckties to insure that our customers are presented with the finest non silk neck tie collection that Jaan J. can offer. We are truly the biggest critics of our non-silk ties.

With a team of fashion conscious designers, Jaan J. aims to bring its customers timeless and classic necktie wear. For the majority of our professional and stylish customers, that is what they insist upon and that is what they receive.

Here at Jaan J., our customers truly come first. From your suggestions about new color themes for our neck ties to ways in which we can better package the ties, we take them all seriously. In fact, it was customers like you who gave us the idea for our latest venture - slim non silk ties and slim cotton ties. In addition to providing our standard high quality non silk ties, we at Jaan J. also have our own lapel pins and cuff links. Keep the recommendations coming and thank you for the ideas.

We expect another wonderful year for Jaan J. Due to the ongoing suggestions and requests, we will always try to release new products and lines but until then, we at Jaan J. will continue to create the most stylish non silk ties in the market.

Peace. Love. Blessings.

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