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Bring joy to a lady's heart by giving her an emblem of love with our Jaan J. Stick Pins.

It's the perfect gift for any man to offer the one he loves. Or Ladies, find yourself stick pins from one of our many styles and designs. Our lavishly designed pins matches superbly with our collection of Adam Halal neckties.

Its charm adds a feature of splendor to her ensemble when dressing for that momentous occasion. The stick pins are made to go with our luxurious non silk ties and all events that call for black ties. Look also at our assortment of skinny ties. For the more casual stylish look, try our array of skinny cotton ties. Mix and match to see what caters to you. Jaan J.'s vegan ties have you covered.

Ladies, you may also want to consider our very popular Green Adam Stick Pins with Gem, an exquisite addition to the noble woman's boutique. For an auxiliary look, see our Three Vertical Gems and Triangle Gems Stick Pins.

These finely crafted stick pins are carefully designed and fashioned like our high quality non-silk ties. It is our goal to put together the finest products and new lines for both men and women. This is just one of many steps Jaan J. is taking as we are always seeking your concerns and ideas to advance our standards of high quality.

Peace. Love. Blessings.

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