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About Jaan J.

Jaan J. caters to the needs of those who appreciate quality vegan ties and cotton ties because they do not wear silk for health or personal reasons. We at Jaan J. have made it our mission to produce the best non silk vegan ties for those who want the best neckties and need the best neck ties for their mind, body, and soul.

For years, many of us here at Jaan J. were relegated to inferior non silk ties and cotton ties of poor workmanship and undesirable style. We grew tired of searching for high quality non silk vegan ties, and calling local tie stores for cotton ties was always embarrassing to say the least. We no longer wanted to scour the internet looking for a classic non silk striped vegan tie or a timeless non silk black tie to go with a business suit. Moreover, we wanted high quality vegan ties that lived up to our professional and personal standards of fashion. We needed non silk neck ties for us; therefore, we needed non silk neck ties from us. With all that in mind, we started Jaan J.

Initially, the idea of creating high quality non silk ties was more self-serving than anything else. With time, however, we realized two things: the great demand for our luxurious non-silk ties and how we were providing a necessary public service for family, friends and a global community who shared our same concerns about silk and cruelty free ties.

Thousands of vegan neck ties later and a new website to receive the many "thank you" letters from delighted executives, grateful wives' of managers, and happy children of professionals for our non silk neck ties, we are happy to present you with Jaan J.'s ties online. We hope you discover that our new vegan ties will allow you to display your own individuality as well as give you what you need to properly accent your suits - a classy necktie. So, feel at ease and browse as much as you like. You are now at home - at The Home of Non Silk Vegan Ties.

Jaan J. - “A For-Profit for Non-Profits”

As a company, Jaan J. has always been comprised of individuals who yearn to give more than they take from society. From donating monthly to non-profits like Wikipedia to volunteering for worthy causes like Meals on Wheels, Jaan J.'s corporate culture has always supported non-profit institutions.

Upon receiving PETA's Proggy Award, it occurred to us that Jaan J. should, as an organization, formally support non-profits and a couple of years later the PETA collaboration was born. Shortly thereafter, we became sponsors of the Humane Society US. Proudly, Jaan J. is happy to announce that many more partnerships with non-profits are in the near future.

We never imagined that our company would adopt this type of corporate responsibility as we only entered the market to provide nice non-silk ties. However, we are glad we did. So with that, we thank you for your years of support as we increasingly become “A For-Profit for Non-Profits”.

Cotton Ties

As you can see, the newest addition to the Jaan J. non silk tie line is our narrow cotton ties. Cotton neck ties have always been a desire for us to produce because they fit well within our collection of luxurious non silk vegan ties. With a handsome array of neckties already presented, these new cotton ties definitely complete Jaan J.'s commitment to only providing the best in non silk neck wear.

We wanted the debut of our first cotton ties to be something memorable; therefore, we decided to make our cotton neck ties extremely unique - narrow and plaid. With a concept like that, we knew our cotton ties would be a hit, and they have.

Our silk free cotton ties allow you to display your unique personality whenever and wherever you want. Jaan J. cotton ties will definitely make any person stand out in a crowd. Great for casual or even formal events, our cotton ties fall beautifully in line with our other vibrant non silk vegan lines.

Since releasing our cotton ties, the response has been terrific with one constant question - "when will you have more cotton ties?" We hope to answer that query with even more cotton neckties in the future. With great patrons like you, it is only right that we offer more non silk cotton ties.

At Jaan J., we promise to continue offering the best in non silk neck ties. And with our cotton ties, we honestly feel that we are staying true to our vision. So thank you once again for supporting Jaan J. non silk cotton ties. Without you, we cannot be the premier brand for non silk vegan ties in the world.


Accountability is a major focus for us here at Jaan J. From holding ourselves accountable for a mistake we made on a customer's order, to choosing a cruelty free factory to work with, accountability is paramount in our quest to be the best company we can be. And at Jaan J., we feel that with accountability comes honesty and civic responsibility.

Jaan J. aims to differentiate itself from companies that implement the "cutting corners" philosophy in its mode of operation. We make the conscious decision to do business with factories and companies that also take accountability seriously because we believe both people and animals have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Although we are a fairly new company and do not have in-house inspectors and a state-of-the-art monitoring system, we do hope to make that beautiful dream of ours a reality. We are quite confident that with your continued support, we will be able to build a robust infrastructure that will allow us to closely monitor factory assembly lines and work conditions on a daily basis.

Thank you once again for visiting Jaan J. We appreciate you for shopping with us.

Peace. Love. Blessings

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